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Brand Management made simple.

We started with one goal, to help our friend’s websites and businesses gain traction online. From there we created DigaMark, keeping that same friendly attitude with all of our clients. All our services have the same goal, helping small businesses reach clients and increase their revenue. From our SEO packages to our Small business consulting, we keep upfront prices so business owners know exactly what their budget needs to be. Knowing that Digital marketing prices are hard to find, transparency is what sets us apart, and is how we keep a great rapport with our customers.

The Bay area spirit in all of your Digital Marketing needs.


We do the necessary research to get your company ranking for any specific keywords. We deliver our proven system to optimize your website and make sure you get ranked on Google.


We target specific audiences to make sure every single campaign is impactful directly within your local market. Providing winning campaigns to a multitude of niches for maximum customer satisfaction.

DigaMark is a Bay Area SEO and advertisement agency. We help rank your website on Google by optimizing the content on your website and building powerful links back to your website to ensure that you’re the top website in the search results. We pride to be a Digital Marketing agency in the Bay Area with up-front prices, and ensure that we will deliver results to your business. Contact us today for a free consultation, and Follow us on the web on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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